Follow and Credit

Latest lesson… Once I’ve followed the spirit’s leading, there’s an opportunity to credit said action to God. Now I’m not saying this is a one size fits all thing and some situations may not apply, but I know I missed the boat in one instance this week, and then got it right in another…

I’m becoming more and more convinced that what people around us need is a quiet, loving example as a witness to what it means to be a Christian. I think most people’s impression of evangelism is telling someone about Christ, usually in response to some sin, as in, “you’re a sinner destined for hell without a savior… turn or burn!”

I’m coming to believe that what evangelism should be is a witness to a life changed radically by the love of God, choosing to do things (even hard things!) for love of a neighbor, and crediting the spirit’s leading as the reason for doing it in the first place. There’s a time and a place for spelling it all out and explaining the need for a savior, but first let your life be your witness, let the spirit take the lead. 🙂