Still Working it out. One Day at a Time.

I’ve been away from the blog – life gets so busy and things that were a priority slip away. What I haven’t been away from, praise God, is my morning prayer time! I miss a day here and there, and even a string of days if I’ve been burning the midnight oil, but I would say I’m batting 800 or more… and that’s a huge victory in my book. 🙂

I think I’m de-funked – I’m not feeling so out of whack, but I still feel like God is silent. Which doesn’t deter me from spending time, studying and praying… I just miss the feeling like He’s there. I know he’s there, just don’t feel it (which is fickle I know, can’t base anything on feeling – that changes like the wind). Maybe it’s the winter… I can’t wait to get outside, in God’s creation… Ohio winters seem to stretch on into eternity.

At any rate, I’m here. Still Seeking, Asking, Knocking…  praying for wisdom and guidance, desiring to be known as one of Jesus’ followers by my love for His creation and His children.