just RELAX


RELAX in my healing, holy presence. Be STILL, while I transform your heart & mind. LET GO of cares & worries, so that you can receive my PEACE. Cease striving and know that I AM GOD. ~ from Jesus Calling

It’s so important to take time to just relax in God’s presence. I think that’s what the sabbath rest is about – not so much something that we do because God commands it, but something we do because it’s what we need to be healed and whole. To be at peace with our life and our circumstances, because of time spent in the arms of our savior…

I felt moved to sketch a tree I saw in the neighbor’s yard from my spot on the porch swing as I read those words… and wrote around it: “Help me to be still. Rooted in your peace. Moved by the wind of your spirit. Always connected to and sharing your love.”
What a gift this quiet time with God is. Even in dry times, when I don’t feel His presence, I am still renewed by learning new truths that transcend what I feel (or don’t feel).